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5 Greenough Blvd., Cambridge, MA

Marsh Post 442

American Legion - Marsh Post 442 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Marsh Post #442 - located on the rustic north bank of the Charles River - Cambridge, Mass

Welcome to Marsh Post #442 - located on the rustic north bank of the Charles River - Cambridge, Mass

Since our charter in 1949, our American Legion Post welcomes US Service Veterans from all branches of our Armed Forces - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and related family members.

Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community.

Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.


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To the wonderful patriotic citizens of the CAMBRIDGE community. Join our Post as a Booster or Sponsor. (click Sponsor or Booster Button for details). 100% of the monies raised are given back to the community. Help us to continue sponsoring Scholarships for our children; give aid and assistance to our local needy Veterans, and their families. Help us to continue to support financially worthy community programs and projects.


National Family Week:
For many years, the National Commission on Children & Youth
has, by mandate, advocated the passage of federal legislation 
designating the week of Thanksgiving as National Family Week.

Temporary Financial Assistance:
Basic overview and description of the TFA program.

Make Halloween a Fun and Safe Night:
The "Make Halloween a Fun and Safe Night" program was
developed specifically for local Posts and Units to help eliminate
many of the accidents associated yearly with Halloween.

April is Children & Youth Month:
Encourages the celebration of Children & Youth Month.
Available for download only.

Gateway Drugs:
The American Legion's Americanism programs promote the ideals
of citizenship, teamwork, loyalty, fair play, courage, physical fitness, 
and mental toughness needed to give our youth the skills necessary
to be a positive influence on others.

Children's Miracle Network:
Explains The American Legion's relationship with Children's Miracle
Network and the benefits of this alliance.

Family Support Network:
Designed to promote support for military families.

Child Welfare Foundation:
Explains the purpose of The American Legion Child Welfare

Operation: Military Kids:
An official program of the National Commission on Children & Youth.
Available for download only.

Play It Safe:
The six most common causes of accidental death for children and
tips on how to avoid them.

Warning Signs:
Facts and myths about youth suicide.


American Legion Post welcomes all US Service active duty and Veterans from all branches of the US Armed Forces - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and related family members

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